Discover Our Wholesome Products

At Maple Lane Farm, we take pride in offering a variety of products for your family’s enjoyment. Sourced directly from our farm in Cabot, Vermont, each product represents our dedication to quality and sustainable farming practices. By supporting our farm, you not only provide your loved ones with nutritious food but also contribute to the vitality of our local community.

You can purchase our products on the farm.

Raw Milk from Organic A2A2 Jersey Cows

Indulge in the creamy goodness of our raw milk Jerseys. These pastured cows are certified organic and produce milk of exceptional quality. Visit our farm store and experience the farm-to-table freshness of our raw milk, perfect for savoring on its own or transforming into wholesome dairy products.

Pure Maple Goodness

Experience the sweet taste of Vermont with our pure maple syrup. Sourced from our maple trees and carefully crafted in our own sugarhouse, these maple products capture the essence of our land. Visit our farm store to get your jar and add a touch of Vermont tradition to your meals.

Superior Beef from British White Cattle

Our British White cattle are the heart of our farm. Raised on our lush pastures and cared for with love and attention, they produce superior beef with exceptional flavor and tenderness. We offer breeding stock sales with registered genetics and occasionally beef products available at our farm store.

Pick Your Own Raspberries

Coming Summer 2024 ! Visit our Facebook for the most up-to-date days and hours for picking! Our raspberries will be ready for an early harvest in 2024, with more and more berries to come in the following years. We grow with sustainable farming practices to ensure these berries will be good for our land and your health.

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